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Reflections carry a residual sense of visual mystery, fascination, wonder and reflecting surfaces, retain a magical ability to bend, extend, and morph our perception of and our relationship to inhabited space. In this apartment, designing with reflecting surfaces has been our intent to invite the space to open and transform. The stylish living, was designed retaining its ability to be both elegant and functional, while creating a timeless look at the same time. Adjacent glass openings with paneled mirrors creating reflections that provide instant depth to the area, was designed to give the perception of more space and grandeur to the Living.

Project Highlights

  • Kitchen

    The British have a high appreciation of wood-stained cabinetry, most notably oak, incorporated into their kitchen designs. Their style is clearly reflected in the apartment’s kitchen design with the wooden glass cabinet and painted shutters

  • Parents Bedroom

    The Bedroom appears to be a discreet yet comfortable atmosphere. The room is dominated by pink tones. The furniture is elegant and light, with the tufted headboard taking center stage

  • Guest Bedroom

    The Bedroom depicts the English influence with the use of hues dusky pink to bring warmth to the space. The colour tone with neutrals help create the London aesthetic, as they are those that are typically associated with classical British style that remains popular choices for modern design. The Mirror panels reflect the accented wall amplifying space in Bedroom

  • Sons Bedroom

    The English style interiors reflecting luxury and elegance are made more adaptable with the large mirrored wardrobe, which takes up an entire wall, making it the stylish addition to the son’s bedroom. In this small room, the reflecting wardrobe amps up the space and lightens it up in a wink.

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